Yet Another Fn container-native serverless framework

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Yet Another Fn container-native serverless framework

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During the Java One keynote today Oracle announced The Fn Project, a new serverless framework written in Go, but initially supporting Java as a first class language. The development was led by Chad Arimura, VP Software Development, and founder of pioneered the idea of serverless for messaging-based apps, but didn’t achieve significant traction. Oracle last year hired Chad and his development team, while Xenon took on the company’s IronWorker and IronMQ assets.

So today step forward Fn, another entrant into the burgeoning markets for function as a service platforms built on containers. It joins the likes of Kubeless, OpenFaaS, Fission and OpenWhisk.

OpenWhisk, created by IBM, has the advantage of industry support from Adobe and Red Hat. Meanwhile Alex Ellis has done a great job of creating buzz around OpenFaaS, and attracting GitHub stars and attention from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation ecosystem.

It will be interesting to see which platforms developers adopt going forward. Over dinner, Ian Skerrett of the Eclipse Foundation mused whether consolidation would kick in, or whether we’d see an ongoing procession of flavour of the months, as we do with Javascript frameworks.



So about OpenWhisk progress. What’s up with serverless frameworks?


disclosure: Adobe, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat are clients, but all opinions in this piece are independent of vendor relationships.


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