Let the RedMonk Team provide you with feedback!



Client teams interested in receiving feedback + 1, 2, or more analysts, depending on client preference.

Rates are per hour multiplied by the number of analysts on a call (any prep is an additional charge):

  • One-hour call with one analyst = 1 hour
  • One-hour call with two analysts = 2 hours


Two-way conversation where the RedMonk team actively offers opinions and insights.

Formats vary to match client needs, for example:

  • Client presentation in which the analysts pause throughout to interject with takeaways, feedback about how things are landing, thoughts about ordering of concepts, “play this up / play this down”, etc.
  • High level pitch of client messaging to start the call followed by high level discussion / Q&A.
  • A list of questions for discussion.
  • Written feedback on some material provided in advance (slides, website).

Please note that additional charges may be incurred for prep.


Online. We use Zoom.


Any time you need feedback.

Clients should reach out to Morgan Harris, RedMonk’s extraordinary Account & Engagement Manager to coordinate your consultation.


To receive active feedback and advice from RedMonk’s analysts (in some organizations consults are known as “advisory sessions”).

Suggested Agenda

Typically a 60-minute call (with longer sessions available); actual agenda TBD by client needs.


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