In addition to consulting/advisory sessions, RedMonk offers a variety of services around research projects and media.


Custom research & projects

Some consulting requests require more extensive research and packaging than a call or two can cover. For those projects, we offer our expertise on a larger scale. Examples:

  • Complete marketing/messaging review and refinement project
  • Written market analysis report with opportunities for future growth
  • Quantitative assessment of build systems, CI/CD, and streaming platforms
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)  analysis
  • Insights into developer-led technology trends, marrying qualitative and quantitative findings to help drive strategy
  • Strategy and positioning papers


Technical Communications

We can review your company’s website, blog posts, documentation, demos, training materials, and tutorials.

The evaluation can include purpose, user experience, content effectiveness, organization of materials, context, suitability, usability, discoverability, voice, tone, and pitch.


RedMonk video services

RedMonk produces several video series focusing on news and trends in technology. The audience spans the range of developers, architects, managers, and CIOs who want to hear the pragmatic, in-the-trenches views and opinions in the RedMonk community. Not only are RedMonk listeners decision makers, they’re also the makers themselves. A few of our most popular series include:


Media & speaking engagements

We’re available to present as a keynote speaker, panel moderator, session panelist, webinar guest, podcast guest and the like for both in-person and virtual speaking engagements. We can also lend our perspective and expertise to events such as sales kickoffs, leadership summits, investor days and press events.


Don’t see what you are looking for?

We’re fairly versatile, although we do not do coding or development, white papers (more on that below), or survey administration/sourcing. If you’re unsure as to whether or not we can help, just ask: we’ll be able to tell you pretty easily, and if we can’t be of assistance we can probably tell you who can.


What about published research?

We do not do commissioned public research (i.e., you can’t pay us to say nice things about you), in part because we don’t agree with the practice but more because we don’t find it particularly effective these days.

Our public content, meanwhile, is free for all non-commercial usage (i.e., you’d have to contact us for licensing for usage in marketing materials on your website). If you’d like to purchase content after it’s been published, say to support marketing activities, you’re eligible to do so at fixed and discounted rates.


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