Who are you?

Before we get into our services, let’s talk about you. Who you are. What you need.

We work with an amazing array of individuals and businesses. Whoever you are and whatever you do, we’ve helped someone just like you before. A few examples:

I’m the technical co-founder”:

Respect. Your technical brilliance is good enough that a company has formed around it, so give yourself a pat on the back. One of the things we’ve found from working with technical co-founders, however, is that their time is precious, and typically devoted to product. So things like the wider market landscape or marketing and messaging don’t get as much of your attention, because you’re moving a mile a minute focusing on shipping, shipping and shipping. Have questions about how to sell to enterprises as a startup? That’s where we come in. Pop your head up with us regularly, and we’ll let you know what’s going on in the wider world, see adjacent opportunities that might not be obvious yet and help you make sure that the messaging around your product makes sense to people who don’t live with it day to day like you do.

I’m the Head of Marketing”:

We get it. We really do understand how difficult your job is. Products like the iPhone market themselves, but getting people to understand and be excited about technical infrastructure is a much more difficult task. Add in the fact that one of your most important demographics – developers – is indifferent to more or less every traditional advertising channel, and every day’s an adventure. This is why we spend a lot of time with marketing resources serving as a de facto focus group for messaging: how does this deck, this campaign, this demo play for press? For developers? For buyers? Or maybe you need help getting the word out. Need to reach buyer-types? We’re old hands at webinars. Need something more developer-friendly? Our moderated screencast-demos are great for producing digestible, clear presentations that even developers will watch. Is your conference strategy pouring big dollars into a few large events and calling it good? We should talk.

I’m an Analyst Relations professional”:

So you’re trying to keep two impossible groups happy: diva analysts on the one hand and your executives who see the world very differently than the analysts on the other. While we can’t solve that problem for you, unfortunately, what we can offer is a materially different relationship. We appreciate and embrace the role of AR professionals, and do everything we can to make your lives easier while giving your executives the constructive feedback they need. Need a market reality check? Creative suggestions about new revenue opportunities that make you look good? Somebody to tell you what those disruptive startups are doing? RedMonk’s got your back.

I make IT decisions for my company”:

If you look to analyst firms purely for CYA purposes, as little more than insurance policy against implementation failures, RedMonk isn’t the firm for you. If, on the other hand, you want to understand developers – your own or those you are attempting to recruit, retain or simply engage, you’ve come to the right place. What are modern development organizations doing, and why do they do it that way? Are all of these new technologies the flavor of the month, or is there hard quantitative data that confirms they’re here to stay? We’ll give you the rundown on what’s a fad, what’s here to stay and help you build the business case for investing in developers to your senior leadership.

I’m a VC partner”:

The first step to finding the next unicorn, in our view, is to understand what fuels them. In infrastructure technology, that engine is almost always developer adoption today – massive developer adoption. Which raises a few questions: who spends their days talking to developers? Whose job is it to deliver qualitative and quantitative assessments of developer adoption? Who has hundreds of developer conversations and mines properties like GitHub, Hacker News and Stack Overflow so you don’t have to?


I work in Public Relations”:

Awesome. Some of our best friends in this business are PR pros. You know how difficult it can be to find just the right quote for the press release you’ve written, or an analyst who will take the time to talk to reporters about your or your client’s product? Or to find a trusted third party who can help validate the importance of your job – the public positioning and messaging – with businesses that haven’t yet learned to appreciate it? That’s us. We don’t do PR, but we complement and support PR perfectly. 

What Exactly Do We Do?

Have a sense of how we can help, but need more details? Read on.  

We generally work with firms on a retained or subscription basis. Subscriptions include some combination of the following services:

Consulting Hours:
The staple of all of our contracts, these hours are employed by customers for all manner of needs. Examples of recent projects:

  • Open source business and revenue model advisory session
  • Delivering a conference keynote
  • Quantitative assessment of build systems, CI/CD, and streaming platforms  
  • Moderated screencast and demo of newly launched feature
  • Complete marketing/messaging review and refinement project

We’re fairly versatile, although we do not do coding or development. If you’re unsure as to whether or not we can help, just ask: we’ll be able to tell you pretty easily, and if we can’t be of assistance we can probably tell you who can.

Press Services:

All of our customers are entitled to two important press services. First, they may ask for quotes to support outgoing press releases, and second they may provide our names to media as analysts that have been briefed on the subject matter. No guarantee is made that the quotes will be positive in nature, of course, but we will provide quotes and prioritize inbound media inquiries.

It’s important to note that we will certainly comment on non-client inquiries as well, but we restrict the ability to provide our names to the press to paying clients, simply because it takes time to service media requests – quite a lot of time, in fact, if the reporter is new to the beat.

Audio/Video Services:

RedMonk produces several podcast series, videos, and screencasts focusing on news and trends in technology. The audience spans the range of developers, architects, managers, and CIOs who want to hear the pragmatic, in-the-trenches views and opinions in the RedMonk community. Not only are RedMonk listeners decision makers, they’re also the makers themselves.

Networking Assistance:

Given the breadth of our research duties, our analysts have the opportunity to form solid, ongoing relationships with a variety of individuals from the smallest open source project up to the largest vendor. Where it’s appropriate, and we believe there’s a mutual fit, we’ll leverage these relationships on behalf of clients. Think of this as a very specialized form of the LinkedIn network, where an analyst is actively helping to identify connections you may not have considered.

Proactive Alerts:

One of our more popular services, we act as the early warning systems for many of our clients. Given that we track hundreds of incoming data sources, and have an extensive network of contacts across a variety of communities, we’re often made aware of potential issues, problems or competitive threats before you are – and we’ll use that on your behalf. Once the issue has been surfaced and identified, we can also act to broker conversations between you and the third party if desired.

Research and Publishing:

We do not do commissioned research (i.e. you can’t pay us to say nice things about you), in part because we don’t agree with the practice but more because we don’t find it particularly effective these days.

Our content, meanwhile, is free for all non-commercial usage (i.e. for usage in marketing materials on your website, you’d have to contact us for licensing). If you’d like to purchase content after it’s been published, say to support marketing activities, you’re eligible to do so at fixed and discounted rates.

If there are services that you require that are not covered by the above, feel free to ask. Chances are we’re grouping it in one of the above buckets.

How do you work with us?

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