Whether it’s crunching public adoption numbers to make a recommendation to product teams on new programming languages to support, helping marketing craft developer-friendly messaging or helping senior leadership understand emerging developer-led trends and their implications, RedMonk exists to help companies understand and work with developers.

We see a different world than most. We see:

  • A world increasingly dominated by the practitioner: the developer, designer, DBA, sysadmin or operator.
  • A world increasingly driven by bottom up adoption of open source software and cloud based hardware.
  • A world in which much of the software we deploy was built by Web companies.
  • A world in which decision making is distributed and social.
  • A world in which the kingmakers aren’t enterprise salespeople wearing expensive shoes and crisp blue cotton shirts, but hackers in t-shirts writing code.

When we founded RedMonk in 2002, things were different. Other industry analyst firms were all about purchasing driven technology adoption, understanding dominant big vendors that sold software to a few senior executives in 18 month sales cycles, who then foisted their choices on to developers in the trenches.

But we saw the change coming and helped the industry understand and prepare for it. With each year that passes, our thesis that developers are the New Kingmakers becomes less controversial. But even as the technology world has come around to the idea that developers are important, the question becomes: how best to engage with these new kingmakers?

That’s what we do at RedMonk every day. If you’re looking for an analyst or research firm that understands developers, and is easy and fun to work with, we should talk.

Don’t Take Our Word For It


“There are analyst firms and then there’s RedMonk.”
Tim O’Reilly

“As analyst firms go, RedMonk is always one I’d personally recommend.”
Simon Wardley

“Best in the biz, bar none.”
Emil Eifrem

“RedMonk has been a valuable sounding board and insight source for us.”
Justin Sheehy

Discussing if you should become a RedMonk client “That’s an easy yes.”
Mike Olson

“RedMonk gets developers.”
Adam Seligman

“No other analyst is as clued in as the RedMonk crew.”
Matthias Zeller

“I always enjoy talking to the Redmonk guys. They listen actively and push back in real time if needed. I always leave the conversation with more than I brought into it and I always know where they stand (no surprises). If only all analyst conversations followed that same pattern…”
Jeff Whatcott

“If you’re wondering what tech analyst firms will look like in the future, take a peek at RedMonk.”
Ryan Tomayko

“One of few analyst firms that provides real value.”
Zack Urlocker

“[RedMonk]…smart people who are living and breathing transparent production principles, and as a result are quite influential and should be getting more so.”
Luis Villa

“I am the sworn enemy of most analysts, who do little more than tell you one of two things: 1) what happened 5 years ago, but you weren’t paying attention, or 2) exactly what won’t happen in the future. If you were to do the exact opposite of their recommendations, you’d be better off. Not so with RedMonk.”
Chris Petrilli

“[RedMonk] are demonstrating the value of greater transparency and more public engagement.”
Jon Udell