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Going Up the IoT Stack with ThingMonk and The Business of IOT, Shoreditch London Dec 2,3,4

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Never knowingly under-ambitious I decided to build on the success of Thingmonk last year, but adding another day, dedicated to business issues and industry transformations led by the sensor/Big Data/automation IoT revolution.

So now we have a hackday, followed by a day of technical talks, followed by a day of talks for people that normally wear suits. No wonder organisations like 2lemetry, Salesforce and the Eclipse Foundation have come in as sponsors.

Many of you already know Simon Wardley of Ducks, they’re Fowl but Not by Choice fame, but did you know he is also an arch theorist of digital transformation in his role at Leading Edge Forum ? Simon will be keynoting at the Business of IoT conference on December 4th in Shoreditch, and you should come along. We’ll also have the insurance giant, and dare i say it innovator, Aviva talking about how the sensor revolution will change the insurance business, and thus our lives, in profound ways.

But if you prefer more geeky vibe, Thingmonk at the same venue December 2, 3 will look at data, design and developers, and how they’re going to drive the internet of things revolution. We will have learn an IoT hackday, with a connected car to hack parked out front, provided by IBM, and a Net-connected David Hasselhoff leather jacket (this is true, i will be programmable, and channeling my inner Hoff). Sadly we couldn’t combine the two and get Kitt from Knight Rider to come along, but then you can’t have anything. We’re also going to feature the lovely new Tessel pluggable devices, programmable in Javascript; they’re super easy to set up and

We don’t allow vendor pitches. I do however ensure my events have THE BEST COFFEE in london. so you should come.

See you the first week of December.

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