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RedMonkOne: going better than I could have expected

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Its been an amazing day so far. Really hard to capture all the goodness, but this morning we talked to developer community development. The session was good enough that Jeffrey Walker, CEO of Atlassian, said so:

“just back from the Red Monk community day. Xclnt panel on bottoms-up marketing and discussion on the Myths of Open Source”

Who says tweets can’t be meaningful?

This afternoon has been all about dynamic languages. Charles Nutter led an animated group discussion- RedMonk TV will be showing some of the content in the very near future.

We’re now in Demo Hour. Frank Cohen is showing off push to test. pushtotest v 5 went into alpha last Friday. its distributed under a try license. source code is GPL2. or free to distribute for enterprise customers that want “enterprise license”.

Wait look Twitter is helping to attract more people to the RedMonk unconference. cool. Hello John Clingan, apparently the dynamic language stuff caught your eye.

Other demos will be a new dynamic language framework called LIFT, and Cantrill showing how to use DTrace to optimise Ruby On Rails.

I had not realised that not only was RedMonk going to support a rich conversation about the future of scripting languages, with key players here, but we’re also demonstrating tools to improve performance across same. That’s a nice theme. And it just emerged. Never met Frank cohen before this morning, and that’s the beauty of the unconference approach.

phew. hope that all made sense.


  1. The Unconference today was very good: lots of signal and almost no noise. I know a lot of us in the scripting, open source, and developer tools communities have been looking for a way to participate in JavaOne that just isn’t possible with Sun determining the schedule. The Unconference was a very nice oasis where we good few people got together to plot a better world. Very nice RedMonk!


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