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Goodbye Jeffrey

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Jeffrey Walker, president of Atlassian, passed away a couple of days ago after a long, brave and truly inspiring battle against cancer. True stoicism is not something you see much of, but Jeffrey was a classic. As far as I am concerned Jeff won the fight. When you read the comments on the last radiowalker post you can see how just what a rich legacy he left. After all, we’re all fighting cancer one way or another: who hasn’t got friends or family that have been affected? We need to be inspired to fight the fight, and cancer dude is the man.

Jeffrey was more alive than most, loved to play the guitar and was always smiling. The word wry was made for him.

I was reading the last post (which evidently is gaining a different meaning these days, though the tune is pretty much the same) again this morning when I noticed the photo in the sidebar from Jeffrey’s flickr feed. That tore me up. Thanks for being a friend of Redmonk, man. I will miss you. We all will.


  1. Goodbye Jeffrey: Jeffrey Walker, president of Atlassian, passed away a couple of days ago after a long, brave an.. http://cli.gs/qrLph
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  2. I’ve said of others, I knew them because someone I respected spoke so highly of them. I know from you, James, that Jeffrey was a good man and won the fight. And through you, I am richer for his legacy.

    Thank you for your kind words to me today as I mourn the loss of my dear friend Lisa, who was every bit the stoic, brave and inspiring scrapper that it sounds like Jeffrey was.

    The world is a better place thanks to them.

  3. Great post, James. Jeffrey was a great guy.

  4. I’m doing family history research and I’m trying to trace a Jeffrey Walker, b. 16.10.60 in the UK. Does anyone know if this Jeffrey might be him?
    Any info very gratefully received.
    Thanks, CJ

  5. Thank you James. What a lovely post:~)
    Jessy – Jeffrey’s wife

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