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links for 2007-03-13

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  1. “I think you may be treating Janina rather more scientifically than is expected or justified”

    I don’t have words to describe what I think of it. Honestly.

  2. James:

    Thanks for the “banks” question – it’s a good one. And a second like unto it is: ( assuming you buy into to aggregated digitized healthcare data at all, which you may not ) who else? Functionally, is there a vendor you trust more?

  3. James you obviously haven’t visited the JBoss Rules blog. We author our blog at blogspot,, as it has good authoring tools and provides for visibility outside of jboss. All our content is syndicated to, the community jboss site,, as is more for the corporate side of jboss.

    Mark Proctor
    JBoss Rules Project Lead

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