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links for 2007-03-13

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  1. “I think you may be treating Janina rather more scientifically than is expected or justified”

    I don’t have words to describe what I think of it. Honestly.

  2. James:

    Thanks for the “banks” question – it’s a good one. And a second like unto it is: ( assuming you buy into to aggregated digitized healthcare data at all, which you may not ) who else? Functionally, is there a vendor you trust more?

  3. […] Blogging March 16th, 2007 James Governor of RedMonk had a less-than-flattering comment about how JBoss […]

  4. James you obviously haven’t visited the JBoss Rules blog. We author our blog at blogspot, http://markproctor.blogspot.com/, as it has good authoring tools and provides for visibility outside of jboss. All our content is syndicated to jboss.org, the community jboss site, http://labs.jboss.com/portal/jbossrules/blog, as jboss.com is more for the corporate side of jboss.

    Mark Proctor
    JBoss Rules Project Lead

  5. […] are visiting CleverClogs at the moment because of the mentions that Steve Rubel, Lars Trieloff and James Governor made of OnePipe on their blogs. Thanks so […]

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