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Progressive delivery for database schema changes oh my

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So, I was on a call with the folks at Liquibase (open source version control for your database) recently and they told me about a neat hack they’d built – which allowed for progressive delivery in database management. Naturally, I was excited to see a demo. RedMonk has done a fair bit of work looking at how database has been somewhat left behind as continuous delivery became pervasive – DataOps hasn’t been well integrated with the dev lifecycle yet. As an industry we’re really not really well set up for managing database code like application code. Which means that databases and progressive delivery don’t exactly go together like dill and salmon, more like chalk and potatoes.

Progressive delivery by the way, is the practice of rolling out an application in a managed fashion to designated cohorts, making canarying, blue/green deployments, and A/B testing foundational to testing and deploying applications. It reduces risk and increases control by decoupling deployment and release.

So anyway – the folks that introduced the project to me – Karen Taggart, Liquibase technical product owner, and Derek Smart, Liquibase senior software engineer are both awesome, and very personable. We had a lot of fun. It’s cool to have folks on the community side building cool hacks. Another thing that was notable, is that while Liquibase came out of the world of managing more traditional databases, the demo is all about a modern stack. You should check it out.

By the by- Liquibase sponsored this video.  It’s a good one.


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