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GraphQL, towards a declarative model for a web of next gen APIs.

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In our latest RedMonk Conversation I have a spirited conversation with Anant Jhingran, CEO and co-founder of StepZen, about GraphQL and where it’s heading, in terms of solving the hard problems, for example performance. There are some core themes namely integration-first, declarative models, and coexistence with legacy. Jhingran’s experiences make for strong, well justified opinions about the role of GraphQL and how it’s likely to evolve. He’s worked in core database technology, he worked at Apigee during the original API Economy wave, he worked at Google after its acquisition. The real question is – how do you get your pudding if you don’t eat your meat, or for the vegetarians how do you get your ice-cream if you don’t eat your broccoli?

Here’s the video. Please comment, smash like etc.

disclosure: this video was sponsored by StepZen

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