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A RedMonk conversation with Rosalind Radcliffe: App Modernization with Modern DevOps tools on IBM z

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One of the great pleasures and privileges of working at RedMonk is that we get to speak to so many smart, passionate people. A good example is Rosalind Radcliffe, Distinguished Engineer for DevOps for IBM z. You probably don’t immediately think of IBMz, the mainframe platform, when you hear the term “DevOps”, but Radcliffe is on a mission to ensure the venerable platform can be managed using the latest techniques, technologies and tools. 

DevOps of course covers both development and operations, so the z DevOps story is as much about application modernization and pipelines as it is about modern application management. Meanwhile it is as much about modern skills as it is about modern platforms. IBM is working with customers on all of these axes. One reason the tools need to be modern is so that younger developers are familiar with them – IBM has therefore for example built Cobol and PL/1 development support for Visual Studio Code. Ansible, Jira, Git, Slack all become a natural part of the toolset through IBM Wazi. The idea is to make z as far as possible a natural and normal part of DevOps workflows, processes and pipelines. CI/CD for apps with mainframe components- sure why not?

Radcliffe explains how it all fits together in this fun conversation with RedMonk. Just don’t mention testing in production to her.


IBM is a client, and this was a sponsored video.

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