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DevOpsWorld 2019: See You There

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I am delivering the closing keynote at DevOpsWorld next week in San Francisco. I am pretty excited about it. The event is run by CloudBees. I’m on a European roadshow with them this year, which has been really fun, meeting customers and folks in the Jenkins and wider Continuous Integration ecosystem, but the chance to keynote is SF is obviously exciting. 

Without giving too much away my talk is going to be about the next big period of industry growth, particularly from the perspective of where we’re and how we’re going to find enough developers and IT personnel to take us forward in solving the world scale challenges we face. I have titled it The Next Wave of Growth: Towards 100m developers.  I will talk about diversity and inclusion, geography, distributed development, our changing lingua franca, open source, the cloud, remote and distributed work, energy consumption, why bikes are awesome, learning platforms and treating people better. I hope that sounds like something you’ll enjoy.

I am also looking forward to the event to learn more from CloudBees about its vision for the future of software delivery as a business process, which it’s calling Software Delivery Management. We live, after all, in an era defined by the 2011 Mark Andreesen essay – Software Is Eating The World, in which he argued that the most valuable companies in the world – such as Amazon, Google and Netflix are actually software companies. Value chains in all industries have become software-driven and software optimised. That means everyone needs to get better at writing software, and make the best use of their assets. One of the most interesting new frontiers in software development is the focus on data about the delivery process to drive better decision-making and outcomes. Full telemetry across the software delivery lifecycle, across every pull request, check in, Jira ticket, every job and deploy. Master Data Management for software delivery. Enterprises are finally embracing Continuous Delivery wholeheartedly enough to need tools to better understand how effective they’re becoming in writing and delivering new digital services. Digital Transformation requires management information.

Further down the stack JenkinsX is an exciting project, bridging Jenkins with Kubernetes, allowing for portable pipelines that can either run on premises as Jenkins jobs or in Google Cloud using Tekton, an open-source framework for creating continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) systems.

Obviously I will also take the time to evangelise Progressive Delivery, helping enterprises understand how they can lower risk by taking advantage of Continuous Integration patterns such as blue/green deployments, canarying, and A/B testing, making the blast radius of a new service a choice rather than an accident waiting to happen. My colleague Rachel Stephens will also be at the event, talking about Feature management using feature flags. Look forward to seeing you there. Hit me up if you’d like to talk about the changing face of software development

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  1. sounds awesome James, wish I was going to be there. I’m sure it will be crackling from your descrip – the themes of getting to 100m developers by breaking down exclusionary and small minded approaches is a good one. So much talent out there that is not given proper opportunities. We can do better. rock on…

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