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See you at DevOps World

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If you haven’t got your ticket for DevOps World in Nice “the event for everything Jenkins and devops” next week, what are you waiting for? This is an exciting time for the world of automated testing and deployment, shift left and devops. I am really looking forward to attending, and indeed speaking at the conference. But what have they done to my face?

What began with Kohsuke Kawaguchi scratching an itch, writing a testing framework called Hudson to run on a Sun workstation under his desk, became a a global movement in testing. What enterprise today doesn’t use Jenkins? Kubernetes though is changing everything, affecting every layer of the stack from networking to storage to compute. Jenkins is no exception – and Jenkins X is a refactoring of Jenkins for Cloud Native technologies and approaches.

I am giving the closing keynote, which will be a romp through today’s technology landscape in the age of the New Kingmakers, looking at emerging (cloud native) stacks and approaches, including Just Culture, Resilience Engineering and Observability. Developers are ever more than central to business success. But as developers’ power grows, so should their responsibility. We can’t just keep claiming we were only following orders, or as we like to call them in software “requirements”. I plan to be a little challenging, so it should be interesting.

I will also be presenting a talk on Progressive Delivery – Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) has been driven us forward as an industry, it is the basis of everything good in modern software development. But I do feel there are some new associated practices that we don’t currently have a basket term for. I am thinking of Canarying, Feature Flags, A/B testing at scale. Advances in approaches to application and Observability. On the technology side, Kubernetes and Istio bring new management challenges, but also opportunities – service mesh approaches can enable a lot more sophistication in routing of new application functions to particular user communities.

Anyway hopefully to see you there. If you see me, please introduce yourself.

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