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Opinionated Infrastructure: a Monki Gras preview at Westland London

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While prepping for Monki Gras we decided to shoot an Opinionated infrastructure video as a trailer. While we were scouting for a good location my video guy Jack said: “what about the antiques place?” The antiques place in question, Westland London, has been a fixture in Shoreditch for years, but weirdly enough I’ve never been inside. Until now. And what a treasure trove it is! Thanks so much to Westland for letting us have the run of the place – Anthony even showed us around their incredible restoration workshops, which have antique screws from as long ago as the 1930s. It was great to talk to some restoration specialists, when thinking about how to keep code and skill-sets and projects sustainable. You should watch the video – it’s @monkchips meets the Antiques roadshow! Pivotal is our sponsor for the video series, and the main sponsor of the Monki Gras itself – we’re grateful they’re helping us to explore ideas around Sustaining Craft. I am looking forward to Dormain Drewitz’s talk at the conference – she plans to meld her love of classic car restoration and print-making into a talk about Sustaining software.

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