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When sustainable fashion jumps out as a theme at ur tech conference

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When I started looking for talks and examples of sustaining the craft for Monki Gras I didn’t have fashion in mind. But Mazz Mosley, lead backend engineer at Unmade proposed a talk, and now a few other examples have emerged.

The Unmade story is cool. Not least because I was thinking just this morning how personalisation has basically just come to mean “surveillance capitalism”. Just let us “personalise” your experience, and in the process we’ll turn you into the product. It will be awesome. But Unmade is looking to be the real thing – mass personalisation to reduce waste in manufacturing and retail.

Our vision is a better future for industrial production.

Consumers want products tailored to their choice and needs.
Brands need to be responsive to consumers as individuals.
Every body is different.

Too much is designed for averages and manufactured in bulk.
There is too much supply for not enough demand.
There is too much waste.

We are building the tools for mass supply to meet individual demand.
Manufacturing can be tailored to the individual.

This is the next step in customization.

Reducing waste is a critical aspect of Sustaining Craft.

Another organisation that will be joining us is Blackhorse Lane Ateliers – an amazing jeans manufacturer based in Walthamstow, not far from where I live.

We make and sell ready-to-wear selvedge & organic raw denim jeans from our atelier in London, England with a focus on sustainability, community and unmatched quality.

We can’t wait to hear more from the organisation  – they even make their own indigo dye! We have a couple of other great examples yet to confirm, but I am looking forward to learning more about both next generation manufacturing, and something rather more old school, and how they can both inform us about better ways of living. Sustainable Craft, Sustainable Fashion.

If you’re interested in themes of craft and sustainability in making clothes and fashion items and making software then you should join us as Monki Gras 2018 Feb 1,2 Shoreditch, London. Buy tickets here.


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