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Monki Gras and the Weaveworks coffee sponsorship with Old Spike Roastery

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Yesterday I published a short post about Monki Gras 2017. It it I mentioned the swag we had created for the event, and how we’d really tried to focus on creating great experiences for our attendees and sponsors. One of the really good packaging examples was how we worked with Weaveworks, a microservices and container monitoring and management company in my coworking space. Rather than simply sponsoring coffee on the day, they decided to go a little bit further with a package that included a mug and a coffee giveaway. Old Spike Roastery not only have some of the most beautiful packaging in London’s coffee scene, but they are also a social enterprise, training homeless people to become baristas, so we love to support them. Rob Dunne, one of the cofounders agreed to work us on a joint labelling project which I think came together really nicely. Here he talks eloquently about Old Spike and it’s mission.

The coffee, by the way, is really amazing. Light fruity and delicious.


bonus- here’s Alexis Richardson, Weaveworks founder on Monki Gras and coffee.


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