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Thingmonk and Software Circus hitting their diversity targets

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axiom 1 – tech events are simply better when they’re diverse and inclusive

axiom 2 – event organisers should always make an effort to encourage diversity of speakers

axiom 3 – event organisers should always make an effort to encourage inclusion for all attendees

axiom 4 – events need clear policies and Codes of Conduct to support inclusion

We have signed up to the diversity charter created by Emily Weber. We set ourselves a goal for Thingmonk 2016, our IoT conference, of having an even gender representation and we’re pretty pleased that we hit the mark. Unfortunately one woman speaker pulled out, but we’re still very close to our target. We were also super happy when Yodit Standon, founder of opensensors.io, sponsored a diversity scholarship. We’ve now accepted 16 excellent applications from under-represented groups in tech. All in all Fintan and me are pretty happy with where we are, although obviously we can always always always do better, try harder. Please do join us and help make it a super welcoming tech event. We still have some tickets available.

And everyone needs to chip in so I was pleased when discussing Software Circus with Jamie Dobson recently – it’s a cloud native conference I haven’t been able to attend yet, but it gets ridiculously stellar reviews. Of course I am on holiday and so missing it again this year, which is the bad news. The good news Jamie is also working the diversity angle.I love the diversity policy, which is admirably simple.

As many of you will remember from last year, we are heavily committed to promoting diversity in the world of software.

It is with immense pleasure that we can now announce this year’s diversity policy which, due the incredible support of our sponsors, is even bigger this time round with tickets being given away, no questions asked. If there is enough demand we will release more later.

If you believe that you belong to an underrepresented group in the world of software, you can use the code COMEONECOMEALL to claim your free ticket to the conference.

You can claim your diversity ticket on the registration page here:

Marco Abis is also working to create better more inclusive events. Check out operability.io, which is putting the hug in hugops.

If you prefer video, here’s me talking about our Thingmonk program.

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