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thingmonk 2016 – industry 4.0 meets pokemon go

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Thingmonk 2016 is shaping up really nicely and it’s coming soon. September this year. We’ll bring you the usual mix of amazing talks, warm and whipsmart people lovely food and drink experiences, and… we’re bringing sexy back. That is – after a hiatus last year, we’re doubling down on our hackday.

Day Zero kicks off with a half day conference within a conference curated by the Eclipse Foundation. I would argue that of the open source foundations Eclipse has done the most successful, targeted job of making itself the home of IoT standardisation. One of the reasons the machine 2 machine (M2M) wave never took was it was trying to use old school standardisation by specification mechanisms. Standards in software today are built differently – by implementation, a revolution that Eclipse helped foment. When a company like Bosch is on the record as saying that IoT won’t succeed without an open source first approach you know things are changing dramatically in the industrial internet space. Check out hawkBit. Bosch will be presenting at the Eclipse day on standardisation via platforms like Hono. Also – How about Running UK railways with Eclipse Paho & Mosquitto? More info about the Eclipse agenda from Ian Skerrett here.

Following the Eclipse talks we’ll have a hackday with workshops on IoT programming with IBM Watson, Pycom (anyone for drones finding Pokemon?) and Amazon Alexa Skills (tbc). We have been talking about Conversational IoT for the last couple of years, so it’s time to start building it. People talking to machines talking to people. We’ll definitely have some Echos to play with, and expect a couple of giveaways too. This won’t be a competitive event, but a great place to learn, meet people and build cool things. We’ll finish the day Coding by Candelight until 9pm.

Day one and two will be the aforementioned excellent talks. Kicking off will be Sam Phippen – his closer in 2015 was so mind-blowing we had to have him kick off this time around.

Bots, data wrangling, Design, startups, industrial automation/Industry 4.0 (Bosch again), quantifying your fitness,

We’re certainly not cheerleaders for thoughtless automation though- we’ll have skeptical, deeply critical talks about creating a culture and making the right design decisions so that the IoT serves us, rather than us serving it. Terry Eden will explain why you should run screaming from the Internet of Things in a domestic setting.

ThingMonk is about tech but it’s also about creating a warm, supportive, welcoming and diverse community. This year we are honoured to introduce a special diversity scholarship sponsored by OpenSensors.io. Please apply if you’re from an under-represented group in tech.

Buy your tickets for the conference here. More sponsors are also of course always welcome.

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