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MOAR VIDEO: on moving Swiftlang forward and wearables, with explosions, charts and GIFs

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In case you hadn’t noticed we’ve been stepping up our velocity of video production and packaging at RedMonk lately.

It turns out you can really have fun when you start using a green screen. We hit a new high point in production values and story telling with my last video about Swift lang – including charts, third party tweets, and an appearance from Taylor Swift.


It’s a pretty good show. But we just topped it, at least in timing and comedy with this take on Wearables, Nearables and Hearables – where I riff on building headless context-driven apps.


We’ve also developed a bit of a line in animated GIFs.









And some real time trolling

The Opinionated Infrastructure series is sponsored by IBM, and I give full production credit to Benny Crime and his brother Jack Heatseek.

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  1. How many times have I thought the following? “I totally disagree with James but I like that accent … No. I agree.”

    Opinionated Infrastructure IS James Governor. Take that and run with it.

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