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Monkchips in 3 Minutes Episode 2: Panama Papers, Gorilla, Financials.

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The new format.

In which I talk about how The Panama Papers site, which is a great piece of work. You’ve read the news story, now check out the actual source material, which is powered by Neo4j.

I also talk about the morning paper by Adrian Colyer, in particular his take a scientific paper on Facebook’s absurd scale time series database Gorilla – it stores one trillion events per day in memory, as an in memory cache for Facebook’s logs for troubleshooting, then archived in HBase. Gorilla is optimised for writes and high availability.

Then filthy lucre – recent financial news from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. Today the 4 Comma club is about trillions of events. One of these cloud companies however is going to be valued at over a trillion dollars at some point, possibly soon.

Anyway – hope you like Mi3M. Let me know what you think, and please do subscribe on Youtube.


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