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Dockerize vs Containerize. All the things.

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Of course Google Trends search volume comparisons are not exactly scientific, but they can be interesting and create useful data points. Thus is it with this search, showing how the containers conversation today is all about Docker.

Back in 2005 Solaris Zones was getting a fair bit of interest and containerize was performing in terms of Google Search volume. Has Solaris Turned the Corner? – nope, it never did. But the core technology idea was certainly relevant, which explains why and how Joyent and in particular Bryan Cantrill have become everpresents on the Docker conference scene – they’ve been doing containers since before they were a thing.

But Docker is at this point the name that really matters in containers – see The Docker Pattern. It’s the environment in which people are competing.

Docker is a client.

Feel free to point all the different searches I should have done. Like I say, present imperfect.


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  2. Haha this is great 🙂 Love the Google Trends graph.

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