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Financials, Cloud, Catchup: It’s Monkchips in 3 minutes!

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So we thought we’d try a new video youtube format, something snappy, hopefully informative and easy to watch. It’s called Monkchips in 3 minutes – which is kind of self-explanatory. We’ve been doing a lot of fun stuff in video, trying to more accessible and well packaged. this is part of that.

This week’s episode is about the recent run of financial results from the enterprise software vendors, and that was before Apple turned in some disappointing numbers this week too. My premise – the cloud isn’t just hurting sales of compute and storage any more, it’s an across the board phenomenon which is making life harder for companies with broad portfolios as much as narrow ones. Cloud’s even hurting outsourcing. Check out the show!

Regarding news of our new hire Stephen wrote up a a welcome post I am sure Rachel Stephens will make the role her own.

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