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“A young programmer with standing desk”

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A big part of the Developer Aesthetic is humour. Today via @martinlippert I came across a great Tumblr, Classic Programmer Paintings

“Painters and Hackers: nothing in common whatsoever, but these are classical painter’s depictions of software engineering (technically, might not be all classical but hey, this is just a tumblr)”

There are plenty of good examples, but I particularly liked

But of course what really makes a good joke is sharing it, which is why this instant reply was so perfectly on point

You don’t want to miss the details though


So much this. In case you’re wondering, according to @jackwmartin that’s not a Photoshopped iPhone, it’s Cupid holding a love note. The full painting is actually called A woman standing at a virginal.

baby selfie


  1. Thanks for sharing. The Scala one is hysterical (speaking as a Scala user).

  2. Yeah, I made a typo, is Vermeer, but is fixed now…. glad you enjoy it 🙂

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