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Thingmonk Update: crazy speaker line up, venue etc

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OK we’re about a week away from Thingmonk and we have still have some places left. i wanted to ping you again because details are a lot clearer now, and the conference looks pretty banging, to be honest. You should come if you haven’t signed up already.

Our speakers list is pretty crazy – we’re flying Matt Biddulph in from the San Francisco to talk about Thington, a platform built from the design perspective of conversations between machines and machines and machines and people.  Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu fame will be talking about how open source will underpin IoT, Dave McCrory CTO of Basho will give us the ins and outs of design decisions in creating a time series data store, Jeremiah Stone will discuss GE Industrial Automation’s technical decisions in becoming a platform company.

As in previous years we also have a big focus on user experience with Sophie Riches and Sam Wimslet of IBM talking about Design Thinking at scale, with Claire Rowland updating us on her reckons from Designing Connected Products: UX design for the internet of things, published by O’Reilly. Amanda Brock will give us the low down on the legal implications of a world in which machines regularly make decisions on our behalf. Yodit Stanton will update on us opensensors.io – expect some Clojurey goodness, and we also have Natalia Oskina from the same firm explaining how it is monitoring air pollution levels near Heathrow (how unusual to bring some facts to the expansion debate).

Like AWS? Kyle Roche, who runs IoT at Amazon will be spending the conference with us, and you can expect a deeply technical talk from him.  Thomas Grassl and Craig Cmehil will be talking about how they’re retooling SAP to make it more developer friendly in order to increase the company’s relevance to IoT, bridging old school manufacturing and resource planning software into the new world. Boris Adryan is a PhD and squeaky wheel – he’ll be telling us what we’re all doing wrong 😉

We’re also very excited to have Moo involved this year, speaking on the technical, design and industrial challenges of rolling out an entirely new product category – NFC enabled business cards. Well be using these cards to track consumption of Coffee, drinks and food at the event and announcing a hack competition with the winners being showcased at sister conference Monki Gras in January.

Last year Andy Stanford Clark wowed us by running his presentation on a raspberry pi powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. We liked it so much that this year we’re running the conference at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston, which oddly enough is also the home of Arcola Energy, which provided the fuell cell in question.

Food and drink will be to the the usual RedMonk artisan standards- expect Arancini balls and other delights, and the finest craft ales known to humanity – oh yeah this year we’ll also be bringing you some natural wines. Breakfast will come from our media partners The New Stack, who are all about pancakes!

Anyway hope to see you there. There are some good discount codes flying around so just let me know if you want one, and haven’t already seen one out in the open.

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