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We have a new Monk: Fintan Ryan

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My partner has already written a nice post welcoming Fintan Ryan to the RedMonk fold, which I humbly suggest you read. The hiring process was very tough, as Stephen says, because of the exceedingly high calibre of applicant.

Decision-making was also complicated for me by the facts that not only is Fintan is a good friend of mine, but he also did some good work for us working on events on a freelance basis last year. I needed to be scrupulous in avoiding bias but his emergence as front runner from an excellent field was eventually quite clear.

Fintan has a wealth of experience in large systems development, project and product management from his time at Sun Microsystems, and then Oracle. More latterly he has been working at Weaveworks, a London-based startup building management tools to support Docker-driven software development. He also has community chops, running the Business of IOT and CoreOS meetups. It will be fun to have a colleague in the same city!

Fintan has the innate curiosity you need to be a good analyst. As Stephen says he asks good questions. He communicates well, and understands how to manipulate data. He says tings for things. He wears good t-shirts. I am looking forward to having him on the team and I am sure our community will give him a warm welcome.

Fintan will be adopting the patented RedMonk ADD-driven research method, which means a wide coverage area, with lots of cross disciplinary dot-joining. Expect coverage in distributed systems, Cloud Native infrastructure, machine-learning, cloud, clustering, storage engines and data stores.

Looking forward to find out what name he chooses for his blog.

You can find Fintan here on twitter here and github here.

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