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RedMonk comes to the USA: Thingmonk in Denver

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Over the years we have been asked many times to run more events in the US. One of the reasons we haven’t done more events in the USA is that it’s hard work to run events outside your home city, without a local network in place, and we can’t do everything in Portland, Maine. So when 2lemetry volunteered to help host Thingmonk in Colorado we thought why not go for it?

So we’re bringing RedMonk’s unique blend of story-telling and craft experiences to Denver, at Mile High Spirits and Tasting lounge on March 3rd and 4th. You can expect fantastic speakers, and great food and drink experiences. It’s not every IoT conference that will have a URLs for the sensors in a hog roast, for example, or a beacon-driven pub crawl, taking in some of Denver’s best pints.

We try to bridge different communities, rather than having a constant stream of talks that represent essentially the same viewpoint.

Speakers include

Alexandros Marinos, founder Resin.io,

Building a SONOS Clone in 5 Minutes, a live coding demo.

Josh Dzeilak, open sorceror at Keen.io,

I Connect, Therefore I Am – A Philosophy of Things

Kelsey Breseman, Engineer & Director of Community at Technical Machines

Stories from a Connected World

Josh Holmes, architect evangelist, Microsoft

Connected Car: from devices to data to knowledge

Doctor Sarah Cooper, VP bus dev M2Mi

Rise of the Machines: on data and IoT comms

Sam Phippen, founder Fun and Plausible

The Most Dangerous Game: Giving 16-Year-Olds Power Tools


Day One will be a hackday, where we join up all the things, and have fun playing with fantastic, easy to use Tessel devices.

Day Two will be talks – we aim for short punchy stuff that goes META.


If you’re interested in attending, you should probably ping [email protected] (he has some awesome discount codes). If you’d like to make a corporate company purchase, please email me jgovernor at redmonk.com and i’d be happy to work something out. This event is a great learning and networking opportunity for companies interested in developer-led adoption for IoT apps, services and solutions.


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