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London IoT conference Dec 2,3,4: Hadoop, Cars, Insurance, Sensors, Hardware, Leather Jacket

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Thingmonk is a one track, intimate, developer conference for the Internet of Things. It will have a connected car and leather jacket to program, solid tech talks on big data and messaging (2lemetry are going deep on MQTT futures). Day One is a non competitive hackday, a chance to hack with like minds on cool APIs and devices such as the Tessel (super easy Javascript with a modular hardware architecture). Salesforce’s Reid Carlberg will also bring a bunch of cool hardware to play with, including a bunch of wearables.

Day Two is technical talks, from folks like Yodit Stanton, founder of opensensors.io, and Alexandros Marinos, founder of resin.io, and for the Hadoop fans amongst you we’re excited to have Michael Hausenblas Chief Data Engineer from MapR talking about big data for IoT.

This year, we’re also tacking into the corporate agenda with an extra day of talks and networking about digital transformation driven by the sensor, automation and Big data revolution under the moniker Business of IoT. Aviva, the insurance giant will explain how IoT is going to fundamentally change the insurance industry, and thus society. Simon Wardley of the Leading Edge Forum is one of tech’s most engaging speakers- you can expect a cast of thousands of slides, and not a few ducks.

As with all RedMonk events expect delicious food and the very best in craft beverages.

For more information please see Thingmonk and The Business of IoT. For a ticket to both register through Thingmonk. There are also some discount codes flying around – I leave it to you, dear reader, to snuffle them out.

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