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Gosling, Canter, Hoodie etc – awesome speakers for IOT at SCALE

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The speaker lineup for IOT at SCALE, our conference this week with SAP in Palo Alto is pretty crazy.

James Gosling, the guy behind Oak, the original IoT vision that led to Java will be talking about Liquid Robotics, an amazing environmental monitoring startup.

Marc Canter is CEO of Interface, an authoring tool for IoT. He was one of the founders of MacroMind, which became Macromedia. You might not like Flash, but it was an incredible revolution when it emerged.

Peter Hoodie of Marvell, will be talking up his Kinoma Javascript framework for IoT devices.

Rick Bullotta made a successful exit selling Thingworx, an enterprise integration platform, to PTC. Smart and super opinionated, Bullotta knows developers and business.

Sarah Cooper of M2Mi, developed the first biomedical battery powered by body temperature. Need we say more? She also has a great non-FUD based approach to helping businesses understand IoT opportunities.

We also have a focus on Small Data for IoT, with Raghuram Sudhaakar talking about signal and noise and endpoints in context of the Krikkit Eclipse project, while Abdulkim Daneche from MapR gives us the Big Data story.

All of the speakers are really solid- check out the site for more details. But seriously- Gosling.


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