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Integrate All the Things. How Web and Open Source Culture are Eating The World

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A few weeks back I travelled to Barcelona to give a keynote talk at WSO2Conf, a user conference focused on integration middleware. The theme of my talk was that Web and Open Source culture are changing the business of IT, and thus the business of business, as disruption increases in a wide range of markets. With disruption comes fragmentation and the need for new development and integration approaches. Essentially the RedMonk stump pitch, as developers and engineers become increasingly important. But I still have NO IDEA where “Paul Andreesen” came from (watch the talk). See Marc Andreesen’s Software is Eating the World oped here.

WS02 is notable because of how well it represents many of the trends I spoke to in the keynote – a company founded in Sri Lanka, with a development presence in both the UK and the US, successfully develops and packages open source software for customers around the world. Earlier this week I blogged about the ongoing importance of the Apache Software Foundation, and WSO2 is all about offering services and support around Apache stacks. I have written before about how the ASF is contributing to the Sri Lanka economy.

WSO2 offers a full stack of integration middleware, integration bus, business process management and monitoring, registry, ID management etc, based on Apache tools. More recently it’s begun to focus on the emergent Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Internet of Things markets. One area that isn’t fully baked, but is looking very interesting, is the company’s drive to integrate complex event processing as a front end filter for internet of things data streams, integrating its own CEP platform with real time data tooling including Apache Kafka, with batch storage provided by Hadoop. I thought of the approach when I saw this tweet this morning.

Anyway – WSO2 usually moves pretty fast so I look forward to seeing the results of its Big Data work. The company is a client and paid for my T&E to the event. If you’d like to see my keynote, here it is below.

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