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Bluemix, CloudFoundry PaaS and Twilio: It’s all about the APIs. A Workshop next week

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Ever since Pulse, when Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson stood up at an IBM event and livecoded in Node.js, deploying to IBM’s Cloudfoundry implementation, called BlueMix, its been pretty clear that popular Web APIs was a great way to make the case for the virtues of platform as a service. In case you don’t know Twilio, it finally cracked the code on turning mobile telecoms services like SMS into easy to code APIs.

Anyway, Shoreditch Works, the event space and coworking business I founded, signed a sponsorship deal with IBM, and we’ve been running a series of events with the company. Next week is a training day and meetup. It should be a great way to learn more about CloudFoundry from the UI or command line perspective, and I am really pleased that IBM persuaded Twilio, now a Shoreditch stalwart to get involved – and I know their will be some live Ruby coding.

So whether you’re building modern Java or Node apps, or Ruby, CloudFoundry is an environment you consider. Perhaps most importantly it is portable – a number of major vendors are going to support CloudFoundry deployment, whether that be GoPivotal itself, which originally built the PaaS, or HP, for example. There may be “cooler” options out there, such as Flynn, but they don’t have the enterprise support.

CloudFoundry is very easy to deploy Web apps too. Indeed- Shoreditch Works now even run a WordPress instance on it.

For IBM customers and partners, it’s a no brainer to consider it. So you should come along next week for this BlueMix day to find out more. Sign up here.

IBM is a customer, HP is a customer, GoPivotal has been a customer.

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