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Monki Gras is here again. You should come!

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Monki Gras is now pretty well established as a thing on the conference circuit, and I am pleased to announce that I will be running the show again next month in London on January 30th and 30th.

The theme this year is Sharing Craft – looking at codified principles and approaches to knowledge sharing in delivering goods and services faster and more effectively. How can one discipline inform and improve another? How can design improve operations and vice-versa, for example? Breakthrough innovation tends to happen when practices or insights in one community are applied to another. Statistics, and now data science, are another fruitful area where one craft is informing another.

Companies like Etsy have made great play of the notion of Code as Craft, but at Monki Gras 2013 I want to turn this on its head and look at Craft as Code. Any craft is a knowledge base, but how can it be passed on most effectively? In the age of Github we’re seeing new types of mentor and apprentice relationships emerge, where following means learning.

For more insights into the conference theme check out this post ON SF AND THE SHARED CRAFT BUBBLE.

We will of course be bringing you only the very finest craft beers and artisan foods at the conference. Monki Gras is of course still the conference where craft beer meets craft technology. The dinner and party on day one is set to be truly legendary, worth the price of admission alone.

So if you’re interested in the future of software design and development – and more importantly how to get things done more effectively right now – you should sign up here.

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