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Do we need to radically simplify infrastructure in order to do DevOps goodness?

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I posted the other day about the amazing speaker line-up on my recent PureChat, sponsored by IBM PureSystems. But seriously folks- the content rocks. These folks really know what they’re talking about.

I love the stuff from Netflix’ Adrian Cockcroft, where he makes clear that getting the organisation structure right is more important than underlying infrastructure if you want to drive Continuous Deployment, supported by DevOps.

Check out Luke Kanies, Puppet’s dad, talking up production Infrastructure. He doesn’t like the term legacy. Automate what you have!

15 mins of goodness. You should watch this video.


  1. Adrian Cockcroft states it very well – DevOps is essentially a methodology and way of working, with continuous integration/deployment as a potential goal. CI doesn’t need DevOps but it makes it much easier to achieve. But both are specific ways of working which really need to get support from the top of the organisation. It’s quite different to set up the necessary infrastructure to deploy multiple times a day than it is building up a release process on a set schedule.

    It could perhaps be achieved in very small teams but across the whole organisation it needs the right structure.

  2. Thanks for the excellent panel discussion, James. To piggyback on a couple of points your guests made: Robbie Minshall is right that legacy apps and infrastructure aren’t necessarily going away (at least any time soon), which makes the challenge not about moving everything but rather about accelerating innovation given your current environment. Luke Kaneis said, “Automate what you have.” And Adrian Cockcroft said, “Speed Wins.” All are true and can be achieved with a smart approach to automation and cloud-based DevOps that focuses on decreasing fragility and complexity. Like PuppetLabs, we are seeing significant ROI for organizations that smartly approach The Cloud Empowered Enterprise with the end-goal in mind: http://www.servicemesh.com/resources/transform-it-blog/blog/servicemesh-devops-capabilities-shine-at-hackathon/

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