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MOAR VIDEO: Heavy hitters in DevOps and Continuous Deployment

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We recently recorded this episode of PureChat, my IBM PureSystems sponsored Google Hangout, and the folks, and the guests are just stellar. I mean absurdly so. One interesting thing – pretty much everyone on the call is using Netflix tools like Chaos Monkey in their operations. Netflix is one of those new kinds of companies Stephen has been talking about – the value is not in the software folks, it’s in the service and the data.

  • Adrian Cockcroft (@adrianco), Cloud Architect at Netflix
  • Dave McCrory (@mccrory) SVP of Engineering at Warner Music Group
  • Luke Kanies (@puppetmasterd), Puppet Labs Founder & CEO
  • Kohsuke Kawaguchi (@kohsukekawa), CI Jenkins Server Founder, works at CloudBees.
  • Adam Jacob (@adamhjk), co-founder of Opscode and creator of Chef
  • Dan Berg (@dancberg), IBM DevOps Chief Architect
  • Robbie Minshall, IBM Rational Cloud Architect

IBM cut the video into chunks, so if you prefer smaller pieces, loosely joined, check out this post. Tariq Ahmad from IBM also helpfully wrote out the quotes below for his post. What is more.

“When we (Netflix) did the Cloud move, think of it as looking at every step in the process of getting value to customers, from having an idea to deploying it.” — Adrian Cockcroft

“There are a lot of companies, including Warner, that envision all of this coming together and transforming their business. The difficulty is in aligning the business needs with how you can automate.” – Dave McCrory

“I started Puppet Labs because I looked around and said oh my God the world of operations hasn’t changed in 10 to 15 years, and I don’t see anything that’s going to make it change any time soon. Let’s build tools that help people get rid of old technology and replace it with new technology.” — Luke Kanies

“We really haven’t figured out how to share what people do in one context to another. We have these conferences where people come in and talk about the amazing things they have done. But for someone else to replicate that work, it’s basically all custom made from scratch.” — Kohsuke Kawaguchi

“The Netflixes and the Amazons of the world and all the rest of what’s great about the Internet, sort of showed us a different way to deliver value to customers. We were doing it on the internet, we were doing it on mobile devices. That value is being delivered digitally rather than by going to a bank and talking to a teller.” — Adam Jacob, co-founder of Opscode and creator of Chef, speaking on legacy systems

“We don’t have one, two applications. We have thousands. How do we manage those? How do we increase our ability to deliver more rapidly? How do we deal with the complexity of our applications? Dan Berg

“There’s certainly a lot of value that folks find in certain standards, especially when we’re talking about platforms and applications that run on a variety of platforms. But there’s also a space for innnovation, to the side and also on top of standards that we think in the competitive space that’s really important to us as well.” — Robbie Minshall

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