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Last few hours of the kickstarter. Time to Pledge.

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So we’ve had an incredible few weeks, and now we’re nearly down to the wire. We’ve raised a lot of money, but its a big project and we still need help. The biggest hurdles in the business are around cashflow in the first three or four months. Oh just in case you hadn’t heard – this is a side project for me. I still bleed RedMonk.

Why are we fundraising?

Shoreditch Works is on a mission to help young companies get started and grow. We are a part of the Shoreditch village and want to create a focal point for that community.

The space we need your help to fit out stretches across four floors of an unloved 1950s warehouse. The basement and ground floor will be the epicentre of our village hall, while the top two floors will be shared workspace for startups.

How does this help the community?

It’s simple. We’re going to build an events space that will comfortably hold 200 people seated. And we are giving 20% of slots for free to community groups that are important but don’t necessarily have the cash to hire a big events space. A space where kids can come and code after school, where artists can present their work, where local meetups can take place and where our coworkers can meet and discuss their issues.

We have already made a pledge ourselves, to work with Hackney Council and a course provider to create a community management apprenticeship. We will not only help build the curriculum, we will then find the apprentices placements at startups that are Shoreditch Works members, and other companies.

But isn’t the project Commercial? Why should we back it?

Yes it is. We need to make money to be sustainable, one reason we have pitched The Kickstarter at both individuals and companies that want to engage with the London developer scene. We have a few sponsor pledges available that I think are a really good deal. Why not get your logo on the building, or get to use the event space for 3 full day events at 5k, which you can use anytime over the next couple of years.

Here’s a rundown of some of the rewards we have left – PLEASE tell anyone who might want one to get their skates on and get over to our page:

* £365 – a year’s membership, a tshirt and a ticket to our opening party
* £1,650 – an extremely good value event in our space for 200 people, plus loads of other goodies including boardroom space and free coffee
* £5,000 – your logo on the outside of our building on Shoreditch High Street for a year
* £5,000 – You’ll get THREE events in our space! A place on the Awesome Wall and TEN hours in the boardroom with barista served coffee for you and your guests.

Thanks so much and let’s make history with a £100,000 Kickstarter!

Watch the video and please do pledge

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