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IBM Impact Developer Unconference next week – you gotta come. Tim O’Reilly, Grady Booch and Yours Truly

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impact unconference

I must admit I am getting pretty excited about the IBM Impact Unconference next week. I have been involved with the event for a few years now, helping IBM to to recalibrate around practitioners, rather than just enterprise purchasers, but it seems like we finally have critical mass. IBM can’t win without getting buy in from developers, so it needs to think and act differently.

If you do want to engage developers you want credible leaders to bring them in, and to that end, I am proud that I will be on stage with two heroes – Grady Booch and Tim O’Reilly.

Tim is a visionary, and a role model. As I like to say:

RedMonk stays four years ahead of the market by staying four years behind Tim O’Reilly.

Tim also helps all of to remember we should Work On Stuff That Matters.

Grady meanwhile is not just a great computer scientist – he is also a speaker of great poetic beauty, and a deep thinker about human responsibility. Every line of code a developer writes has a moral dimension, he says.

Here are a couple of podcasts to whet your whistle. I talk about the growing influence of software developers in business today, and how and why Java isn’t dead (hint: big data). Tim and Grady talk about mobile, code and purpose.



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