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RedMonks on the PureSystems Google Hangout Tomorrow: What does it mean to be a Data-Driven business?

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I have been doing a sponsored series of videos with IBM for a while now- under the title Opinionated Infrastructure. I have been looking at a bunch of topics- automation, simplification, the importance of design in tech today. Well tomorrow my founding partner Stephen O’Grady is making an appearance and we’re doing a deep dive into some of our thinking on Analytics, next gen database architectures, the in-memory tech evolution and so on. Yes I will be using the word Big Data- indeed here I explain How to Not Define Big Data.

The format is a Google Hangout with me, Stephen, and the following panelists:

  • Trident Marketing CIO –  Brandon Brown (@bbrownrdu)
  • One Tree Co-Founder, Business Strategy Director – Panos Konstantindis (@panoskds)
  • Revolution Analytics VP of marketing and community – David Smith (@revodavid)
  • IBM OLTP and Data Warehouse Competitive Analyst – Dwaine Snow ( @DwaineSnow)

Talking to topics like

  • What can we do now that we couldn’t do before? How do alliances, capabilities and integrations of technology allow us to derive new business value?
  • Where do many companies stand today and how do they close the gap on where they need to be? How quickly can that gap be bridged?
  • What new things are required? Do we need new infrastructures, software, languages, etc.?

I am looking forward to show because RedMonk itself is making the transition to become an analytics company. We live and breathe this stuff. Hadoop isn’t something other people use – its a critical part of our infrastructure. I look forward to hearing more about how IBM is working to help its customers integrate Hadoop into their data infrastructures.  

Its not often you get me and Stephen on the same show, so you should participate.

Options for participating

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3. Or, simply watch the live broadcast on our YouTube expert integrated systems channel.

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