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Scaling Craft (tech & beer): Monki Gras conference 2013

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In case you missed it, Monki Gras is back again this month.

We plan to explore Craft that helps scale Technology, or Technology that helps scale Craft. What are the limits of a craft-based approach? Does quality have to suffer as businesses scale?

We believe people, rather than industrial processes, create the best outcomes in software development. Monki Gras celebrates both tech craft and craft beer – and craft coffee of course. From agile to new application lifecycle management, devops to distributed development, developer relations to Social IT, Github to governance, we’ll be looking at what makes organisations effective in building products and services that users love.

You should come if you’re interested in how and what developers are thinking, and what cultural hacks they’re using to build great products people love to use.

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  1. Looking forward to the event!! Suggestions for those of us from out of town in terms of hotels?

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