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What The Web Was Made For: Vélo-City-Girl

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I have been very much enjoying robertbrook’s daily newsletter – in case you’re not on trend tinyletter is the new blogging. Talking of being on trend however, Robert’s newsletter today pointed to a wonderful blog called Vélo-City-Girl, which is described as

East London Girl on a Pashley, blogging about cycling & fashion. And anything that happens in between on two wheels.

So this is a crisply written blog, with great photos, all about looking fashionable while riding around East London. How cool is that? Its one thing to fashion blog about cycle clothing brands like Vulpine, wearing the looks you’re reviewing.

But Lady Vélo is all about cross-cutting. So for example, while H&M’s new collection has generated thousands of column inches in the press and just as many Tumblr tags, how many of those reviewers looked at Marni in terms of how its accessories would look while riding a bike?

 Those chunky bracelets, big statement necklaces, ribbons, wood, beads & acrylic magic… it was all there. The preview confirmed the capsule collection was gorgeous; and at a more affordable price, I had to have some of it. As I’ve been planning out my Spring Cycling wardrobe already (which consists of me spying random items I love and mixing them up with what I already have), throwing in some of the bobby-dazzlers from Marni would be perfect… the fact I could already see them going well with the black of the Pashley and catching the glimmer of the sun as I cycled through the city was indication enough of how much these were a “WANT”.

A story of small objects of desire, and enforced scarcity (the H&M website basically crashed under demand for the Marni) perhaps – but more than that a story about looking good on a bike in lovely Spring Weather. Like I say – what the web was made for. Blogging is now a staple, rather than a fad, and it will be around for a long time to come.

And of course it turns out that cycle fashion blogging is a rich subculture, as illustrated by Lady Vélo’s favourite blogs – such as Copenhagen Cycle Chic. and London Cycle Chic.

In all the excitement about Pinterest, or whatever new service is getting the most breathless coverage, its easy to forget how refreshing blogging was in the first place: voices from the grassroots, unmediated by PR, a place to celebrate and curate, without needing anyone’s permission.



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