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Our first major European conference is taking shape nicely.

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Tickets sales are ticking along. The site looks lovely. Sponsors have signed up – including Microsoft, Appirio Cloudspokes, Alcatel Lucent, Google, IBM, VMware, Joyent, and Sift Media. Confirmations that quite a few reporters from titles like RWW are coming along. The menus are in place, and look frankly amazing. The beer-tasting is booked. I have two local craft beer supplier partners in the shape of The Kernel and Camden Brewery.

There is still an awful lot to do. But I think I deserve my wine tonight. Less than two weeks to go, but frankly I am ready completely exhausted. It seems conference organisers insomnia is about as common as tennis elbow.

If you are interested in software development and management. If you are interested in new business models based on serving practitioners and engaging with communities then buy a ticket and come. February 1st, London.


  1. James, you’ve done an absolutely knockout job pulling this together. Cheers!

    1. thanks donnie. #workinonit

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