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RFP Theatre: How Open Source improves Enterprise Procurement

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I am really pleased with how this video, the second in a series sponsored by Actuate, with no editorial interference, came out. So much so I need to get this transcribed.

Too much of IT procurement is just so much “security theatre”, not really adding value to the process. The idea is a straight lift from Cheryl McKinnon who coined Sales Cycle Theatre.

Bottom line- enterprise vendor sales people shouldn’t be running your corporate strategy. Use open source to bust through the shackles of traditional IT procurement. At the very least use open source as a personal trainer for the proprietary.


  1. errr….Cheryl hasn’t been at Nuxeo for more than a year.

    1. solid point. but that video was actually recorded a while ago. Cheryl is doing her own thing at Candy Strategies now, still consulting with Nuxeo as I understand it.

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