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Speaking at Huddle FutureGov event tomorrow: Government, Cloud, Public, Private

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So I am speaking at an event tomorrow being run by Huddle and FutureGov.  Huddle is a UK software company trying to bust the Sharepoint market open, while FutureGov is a social business consulting firm set up by my friend Dominic Campbell.

I have been invited to give a view on what the public sector can learn from the private sector about the Cloud. Given the cloud’s current confusion around public, private and hybrid, it seems a reasonable idea to bring me in. I mean to talk about this multi-dimensional matrix, with added confusion in terms… is that a public cloud, or a public sector? Should the public sector only use the private cloud, or is that the wrong way around. I plan to try and make things as clear as I can – which means talking about developers, developers and developers.

The overall agenda looks great – with some really great speakers, notably Mark O’Neill, James Stewart and Stuart Lauchlan If you haven’t signed up yet I am afraid its sold out. But that’s good, right? 😉

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