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Monktoberfest is coming. Where Tech Meets Social Meets… Beer. In New England.

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Realised today that while I have tweeted about it, I haven’t yet written a post about an exciting event we’re running in a couple of weeks, on October 6th.

Basically we wanted to double down on the intersection of social and tech (think Github). And our love of amazing beer of course (fancy a visit to one of the best brew pubs in the world for the evening meal?). The Speakers are impressive – folks like Mike Olson (CEO Cloudera), Zack Urlocker (COO ZenDesk), Matt LeMay (Director of Platform, Bit.ly), (Greg Avola, Co-Founder / Lead Developer, Untappd), Theo Schlossnagle, (CEO, Omniti), Donnie Berkholz, Sr. Developer, Gentoo Linux) and Steve Citron-Pousty (Technology Evangelist at deCarta). But the delegates are just as cool, and the hallway conversation promises to be rich and engaging.

There are a few tickets left, so you should sign up here.

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  1. Can’t wait/ looks excellent.

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