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No Need to Commute, Ever

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With all the talk of bubbles and Google offering an engineer $3.5m not to join Facebook its easy to think all application development is in the valley.

Uber smart VC Fred Wilson talks to the War for Talent.

Silicon Valley life is campus life.

But there are plenty of great jobs that don’t require you to move to California, obviously, and I really liked this tweet for a job at my client Genuitec, which builds Java development tools. If you need a little “cool” in the mix they also now have a dedicated IDE for Google infrastructure.

@genuitec No need to commute, ever. See more of your family, work with talented people: Genuitec is growing, developers apply today

Funnily enough the web page is a bit more corporate, but the tweet says it all.

A role that keeps you close to home, doesn’t need a move, and gives you more time with your family? That’s pretty hard to beat.

You do need a reliable internet connection for the job though 😉

The web should and does allow for distributed development. But PST didn’t get the memo yet. This is a great opportunity for all the other companies out there looking to hire great engineers.


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  2. That’s exactly the open source community model of development. No matter where you are, just what you do, and there are many ways to have efficient communication across the globe nowadays.

    I wrote a small post on my experience in distributed teams.


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