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Gone Fishin

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Well not really. I leave fights with pelagics to my younger, smarter business partner Stephen. But I am taking some time off, which is why I have been quiet on this blog, but also on twitter. Expect normal service to be resumed some time week after next. Most of the monks are out of pocket this month- anyone would think we were a continental European firm… If its urgent please contact our ops manager Marcia Chappell marcia at redmonk.com



  1. pelagics ?

    1. “Pelagic fish live in the water column of coastal, ocean and lake waters, but not on the bottom of the sea or the lake. They can be contrasted with demersal fish, which do live on or near the bottom, and reef fish which are associated with coral reefs.” – wikipedia

  2. Are you really going fishing? Maybe in a lake or camping near a lake?

    1. well Craig- like it says right up front in the post – no i am not really going fishing…. its a turn of phrase 😉

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