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The most developer savvy reporters and editors in the UK

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One of my clients Zend, the enterprise PHP stack and services player, was interested to know what reporters in the UK it should be talking to. These are the name I suggested, in no particular order. They are all very solid technically.

Tim Anderson – scary thorough, totally gets enterprisey, even UML

Adrian Bridgwater – came out of nowhere, goes deep on developer stuff

Charles Arthur – Lotus Notes hater, cynical git, Guardian top man

Simon Bisson – If its Microsoft related he has an opinion based on playing with the bits

Danny Bradbury – writing tools dork and freelance awesome

Glyn Moody – the Don (Cambridge or Chigaco) of open source reporting

Peter Judge – middeware dork and ace cartoonist.

have I forgotten anyone?


  1. The most developer savvy reporters and editors in the UK http://bit.ly/eK7BH imho that is
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  2. are you lot saying you have no opinions at all on my list of most developer savvy uk journalists? http://bit.ly/eCvm4
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  3. The most developer savvy journos in UK: http://tinyurl.com/df9xuu Congrats @AdeBridgwater!
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  4. I’d suggest D.J. Walker Morgan, the editor of The-H open source and security site. He’s forgotten more about code than most people have ever learnt and still knows more than anyone I know.

    (Oh, and thanks for the mention!)

  5. […] journaliosts should pop over to James Governor’s blog where he has compiled a handy little list.  Just make sure your story is relevant and you know who you’re pitching too…usual […]

  6. Yes, me! I’ve met more CEOs and CIOs than this lot put together. I have interviewed the people who wrote Unix — yes, the original one at Bell Labs, not the sloppy Linus T copy; I’ve met James Gosling four times (once when he didn’t have a beard); I know what two-phase commit is and I taught myself guitar. And I have played harmonica with Lembit Opik. Beat that!

    1. meeting CEOs and CIOs doesn’t make you developer savvy, Jason, it makes you management savvy. but clearly on harmonica duets you win

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