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Cloud Standards Breakthrough: New Cloud Source License

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RedMonk has always positioned itself on the side of openness and positive community interaction, which is why after the recent muck slinging and general unpleasantness in the Cloud standards space we’re pleased to see some sanity returning with a new initiative from the Free Software Foundation – the Free™ and Open™ Cloud Alliance™ (FOCA), an industry-wide trade marketing association supporting Free™ and Open™ Cloud Computing™ (FOCC). Perhaps most importantly, unlike the Open Cloud Manifesto announced yesterday, FOCC actually has an artefact on the table that we can all work with – namely the CloudLeft Public License (CPL); this won’t just be another talking shop.

Any initiative kicked off by Larry Ellison and Richard Stallman has to stand a good chance of success, which is why RedMonk is very proud to announce we’re founding members of of FOCA. We have been lobbying behind the scenes at Microsoft on behalf of the FSF with some success, and hope to see an announcement about Azure and the CPL in the very near future. It’s great to see Microsoft doing the right thing, especially so early in its product plans.

All in all I think we now have a basis to proceed with interoperable clouds.

Link to the press release here.

disclosure: Microsoft is a client.


  1. redmonk applauds new open cloud license initiative http://bit.ly/DJsL
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  2. Here’s another one http://tinyurl.com/c8ykf9
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  3. The use of CPL for the CloudLeft Public License will undoubtedly cause confusion, as the Open Source Initiative has already approved the Common Public License (CPL).

    I am left-handed and I studied Latin in high school for four years, so I know the eytomolgy of the word “sinister.” I thus suggest that “left” be replaced by “share,” yielding CSPL.

    As for Stallman reintroducing the advertising clause AND insisting on the use of the term “GNU/Cloud,” I can only say, “Richard, give us a break. It is over. It is Linux, not GNU/Linux. You have better things to do, as do we.” As an ex IBMer you should know better than to unwisely seek to inflate your ego while defaming Linus.”


  4. Umm, dave, this is an april fools joke.

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  6. I hope and pray it is a joke, as it sounds like a really bad parody of what has been going on the CloudForum. April 1st of all days. Ok read the press release.. it’s a joke thank goodness. Gotta say in kinda poor taste, but I guess that’s the problem with having a cloud event on April 1st.

  7. Ah good, @monkchips comes through. GNU/Cloud. hehe. http://snurl.com/f07fh Okay, I’m done with Apr 1. Back to work…
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  8. Nice post James, did you also see the related press release annoucing that Oracle is planning to buy SAP and open source SAP apps?

  9. Very cute Sir James. Happy April 1. The TM symbol on Free was the pure genius icing on the Free cake.

  10. http://tinyurl.com/opencloud Oracle, FSF and new license for cloud computing service?
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  11. Hey guys, this was indeed an April Fool. looks like i punkd Dave Shields (who refuses to note i have been blogging again owing to his coaching). no shame dave- i even punkd Stephen, who read this at a glance on an iPod.

    Michelle i would love to claim credit for Free TM but that was someone smarter than me.

  12. Stallman is the joke, each and every time he insists someone say “GNU/Linux.” Richard sent me an email back in 1998 in which he claimed to be the author of Linux!

    However, I should have known this was a joke because James wrote it. He has become the viral botnet of twitter of late, with nary a blog post in sight.

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  14. James Governor told me the story was a “joke” a few hours after I wrote about it. I thought of modifying my own post, then I realized that so much of what is written about technology is a joke, though the author’s probably don’t think so, that the writing could stand on its own, as an example of how one tries to respond to a report with a reasoned analysis.
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