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Greenmonk Video: a Solid Sustainability Resource

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There is nothing more pleasing than hiring someone and watching them grow into their role. Tom Raftery, the newest member of our small but perfectly-formed team, is really building some momentum. Tom leads our sustainability research and content services, and is beginning to ratchet up the quality. But we need you guys onboard- like everything else at RedMonk its all about the community. The doers and makers, movers and shakers.

If you haven’t joined the conversation at Greenmonk yet I suggest you do. We’ve got great stuff like:

RTE economics correspondent George Lee gave the opening keynote at the 2008 it@cork conference – Green IT: Reduce CO2, Raise profits. He started by showing off first his Segway (a personal electric transport device) and explaining his reasons for bringing it along. He then dived deep into the numbers around the coming energy crisis, climate change and how they dwarf the current financial crisis their importance for the planet. Hear from an economist who puts the long-term good of the planet before a short-term financial view. If you want to skip the Segway rant and get into the energy and carbon emissions data, skip forward to 16:50.

Or for being ridiculously topical, last week Tom interviewed Eric Miller, chief solutions officer of Trilliant Inc. to discuss President Elect Barack Obama’s energy plans for the US for the next few years. Eric has a lot of inside knowledge of the incoming administration’s plans. Download the entire interview here

For more Obama related stuff Tom also pointed to this awesome video:

John Holdren has just been appointed by Barack Obama as as Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. Last year he gave this talk about climate change (or Global Climatic Disruption as he prefers to call it) at the American Response to Climate Change Conference at The Wild Center in Tupper Lake New York – June 25 & 26, 2008. That such a highly qualified and passionate climate aware scientist has been chosen to be the president’s science advisor gives us great hope for the presidency of Barack Obama. The copyright of the video obviously remains with The Wild Center – please do not reproduce this video without explicit permission of The Wild Center.

And you think we can’t top that, right? Wrong! We got… Vint Cerf! Yes- *the* Vint Cerf.

Google.org is the not-for-profit arm of Internet search company Google.

After hearing about some of its initiatives, Tom was curious to learn more about Google.org so he contacted his friend Vint Cerf, Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist and asked him if he’d come on the show to talk about Google.org and Google’s sustainability projects.

Not bad huh. The content is rocking like I say, and Tom is finding his way. I am more than happy with Tom’s progress- we’re have won new clients such as HP on the strength of our sustainability focus, a net new win for RedMonk. Given the deterioration in the economy since we hired Tom its basically fantastic to know companies are still investing in sustainability initiatives. Hopefully it will be a good year for us. Well as good as it can be knowing so many friends have been laid off and so on.

Sustainability job one though is putting the food on the table. Three years ago RedMonk didn’t support any kids. Now we’re going to be feeding 4. Its a real pleasure to be working alongside Tom and I hope you’ll engage with us on any of your sustainability related issues. We’re always looking for new people to interview, new sources of insight and so on.

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  1. Thank science for John Holdren!

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