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Giving The Manifesto A Haircut: What is Cloud Computing?

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One of the most popular posts I have written in a long time (in fact, one of the only posts I have written in a long time) was my 15 Ways To Tell Its Not Cloud Computing. Intended to carry some truths in a humorous format, the post got a fair amount of play, and is still driving traffic to Monkchips.

So I was more than pleased when Jeff Schneider of Momentum SI contacted me in the back channel to let me know he was about to take the proverbial Mickey Bliss with his own rejoinder: 16 Corrections on Cloud Computing.

I suspect what caught the uh- consulting company’s – attention was this tenet:

If there is a consultant in the room… its not a cloud.

Oops – geniuses at work. And so to pushback – please tell me what you think. I will be replying as soon as I can think of something smart to say. 😉 One area I totally deserve to get nailed- ten minutes to deploy a cloud. What was I thinking????

While on the subject of clouds I should flag the forthcoming CloudCamps in Brussels (October 30) and London again (November 13). If you’re interested in clouds- what they are, how to use them, what the gotchas are, and so on, these events are well worth attending. Cloud Camp is building real momentum- lots of cities are organising them now. Rock On!

As I write this Jeff’s piece is getting nice play. As Nigel James twitters: “@monkchips is a batman of truth. WOW? BAM! POW! Holy smoking cloud computing Batman!”


  1. Hilarious – it definitely takes a team of ‘consultants’ to decide to present 16 minor points in the form of a 15 minute video. I didn’t bother to watch it of course, so I will stick with your original sensibly presented 15 points.

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  3. Always like to see information on Cloud Computing! Looks like Australians are starting to wake up to it too with Telstra announcing a $500m spend this week on cloud computing services.

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